Petits Fours Glacés (Poured Fondant Glazed Cakes)
Layers of frangipane (almond pound cake) soaked with a sweet Grand Marnier solution, filled with apricot marmalade, another thin layer of smooth marzipan (almond paste confection) then a coating of silky fondant is poured over the cake and finally the bottoms are dipped in exquisite French chocolate. Various shapes: hearts, yin yang, diamonds, oval and, square are decorated with seasonal pipings or monograms.

Chocolate Triangles
Triangular cakes with vertical layers of chocolate cake with mocha Kahluà buttercream filling, soaked with Godiva liquor, and glazed with fine French chocolate. Vertical presentation.

Lemon Meringue Tartlets
Tangy lemon curd and decorated with a beautiful piped and oven browned meringue rose.

Nut Tartlets
Oval tartlet shells with artistic arrangement of roasted cashew, pecan, hazelnut and Sicilian pistachio nut with a delicious caramel glaze.

Florentine Cornets
Cornet shaped Florentine lace cookie coated with chocolate and filled with silky chocolate ganache.

Meringue Rose Confections
Phyllis pipes the billowy Vanilla meringue into her signature large roses and bakes them. Of course we can do mushrooms too!

Apple Strudels
Crisp, flaky miniature strudels bursting with apples that have been flambéed with Apple brandy.

Chocolate Fantasy
A petit four with a fudge brownie base, silky smooth ganache, a brandy infused cherry, whipped vanilla marshmallow enrobed in decadent French chocolate.

Piña Colada Tartlet
Triangular shaped tart shell filled with Phyllis’ special sweet silky pineapple curd and topped with luscious White Chocolate Coconut Mousse.

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